Welcome to Sochi-Alpine Ski Resort Rosa Khutor

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic

The XXII Winter Olympic Games will be celebrated in Sochi, Russia from February 7 to February 23

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  • To Sochi, center of the world 2014,

    Last weekend we looked at Eurosport to the Ski Jumping contests. After talking to some FIS officials and your snow storage company Snowsecure we thought it would be good to inform you about the solutions Polar Europe could offer to Sochi. We understood you’ve done a lot of work and succeeded with snow storage up till now. As critical spectator I must unfortunately say, that this was not the perfect presentation to the rest of the world for Soch; Dirty snow, no snow on the inrun of the Jump and also the other jumps were totaly green instead of nice white.

    We understand that snow storage is the probably one of the most economical ways to provide snow in case nature fails. Although, if Polar Europe would be a snow production partner, Sochi 2014 doesn’t have to have any worries, because Polar Europe is always capable of producing snow at any temperature and at any place.

    I think Polar Europe could help you in several ways:

    – We’re really capable to produce large amounts of snow (1000-5000m3/24h), up till the very last moment before competition starts.
    – Sochi can get a 100%(white)snow guarantee If enough nitrogen is secured.
    – Our production is just a matter of planning and good and clear agreements.
    – If Snowsecure does the main supply of snow with snow out of the storages, Polar Europe could make the right amounts of snow for; “the perfect presentation of Sochi to the world”.
    – Al the slopes would be perfectly white with an additional layer of 15 cm of Polar Snow, and we’re also capable to produce snow on the in-runs for the Nordic jumping contests!

    We do hope these arguments may have caught your attention.If possible I’d like tio sent you a short presention which will point ut who we are, our production proces, what we are
    capabe of references and your benefits.

    We do realize our solutions also cost a lot of money, but if Sochi wants a perfect presentation to the rest of the world and create perfect snowconditions for the contests, Polar Europe is certainly an economical solution. Due to the fact that over 75% of our total production costs will flow back into Russia’s own economy, our solutions should be researched. White snow is 100% guaranteed by Polar |Europe.

    Looking forward to your opinion about a collaboration with Polar Europe for Sochi 2014,

    I remain, Hans van der Veldt

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